He claimed a person with bullet injury was found at the spot of the gunfight later. A pistol and ammos were also recovered from the spot. A RAB member was claimed to have been injured in the incident.

Prothom Alo report further said Md Razu from Bishnupur village in Panchthubi union of Cumilla’s Adarsha sadar upazila had a motorcycle business. But, he used to trade drugs and run a business of smuggled cloths behind this identity. And, he was accused in several cases. If that was the case, why did the law enforcement not take any action against him before the murder of journalist Mohiuddin Sarker?

Mohiuddin Sarker was shot to death in Haidrabad bordering area adjacent to Shankuchail in Rajapur union of Burichang upazila, Cumilla. Four people have been arrested in connection with the incident. The death of the main accused in an alleged gunfight during the investigation has given birth to a number of questions. If the accused was taken to the place of incident for the sake of investigation, why was enough preparation not taken to face terror attacks? The security forces said the same story many a time in the past which did not seem credible to anyone.

We want justice in all murder cases including that of journalist Mohiuddin Sarker. We also demand exemplary punishment of all criminals. But that does not mean trial of any person in the name of said gunfight even before the trial at court. People protested across the country the death of retired army officer Sinha in gunfight. Later it was proved in the court that that was not a gunfight. Rather, that was a cold blooded murder. Following the incident, no incident of said gunfight was reported for long. The question is, whether the government wants to bring the incident back through the killing of main accused in Cumilla journalist murder. The incident of death of an accused in gunfight is not only no-confidence in system of justice but also contrary to the rule of law.

Let there be a fair and impartial investigation into the death of Md Razu in said gunfight.

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