Fifty-year-old Abu Yunus Mohammad Shahidunnabi was beaten and burnt to death in Burimari of Patgram upazila of Lalmonirhat on Thursday evening. Anyone can suddenly be the victim of such an incident because of the medieval mentalities among those involved in such atrocities against perceived blasphemy. This is a very risky situation. The government, the administration, the law enforcement agencies and the people of the society should make every effort to prevent the recurrence of such incidents.

First of all, it is necessary to know for sure what really happened in Lalmonirhat. According to the initial comments of the police and some locals, it is necessary to find out whether any individual, group or community was behind the rumour of the Holy Quran being insulted. We have seen in many places in the past, sectarian violence has been instigated by spreading rumours that religion has been insulted.

A three-member investigation committee comprising the local administration and the police department has been formed. It was reported on Friday that the police's criminal investigation department and other agencies started investigations the day after the incident. Three cases were filed on Saturday and five people were reportedly arrested. For the time being, the police have refrained from divulging any information about the arrested persons in the interest of investigation.

The report of the three-member inquiry committee is to be submitted on Sunday. We hope that it will be possible to know the full details of what actually happened and that it will be made public. If a more detailed investigation is needed for this, if it takes more time, it should be taken, but it is very important to know the facts and inform the public about it.

Human chains and other programmes continue in different parts of the country including Rangpur to protest against this brutal murder and demand punishment for the perpetrators. Such mob violence cannot be acceptable for any reason. It is necessary to create awareness in order to organise public opinion against all these while it is also very important to ensure that the perpetrators are punished in a lawful manner.

Although it is difficult to identify the killers in the event of a person being killed in an organised attack by many unnamed people, it is necessary to make every effort to bring them to justice. In such cases, the threat of harassment of innocent people by blaming a large number of people also needs to be removed. That is why a fair, accurate, deep and detailed investigation is absolutely necessary.

At the same time, it is necessary to take initiative to strengthen the idea in the society that no person should be physically attacked for any reason. The country has laws, law enforcement and the judiciary to remedy any disputes, controversies and crimes that occur. The people individually or in group cannot to take law and justice into their own hands. That is a crime in the eyes of the law.

Apart from that, special emphasis should be laid on tolerance and common sense in the society. Educated and conscious youth and eminent people from all walks of life have a role to play. There is no substitute for concerted efforts to break free from the dangerous trend of mob violence.