According to a study by the Accident Research Institute of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), around 12 million people are expected to leave the capital in the last four days ahead of the forthcoming Eid-ul-Fitr. It means that 3 million people will leave the city each day. The advice of DMP commissioner may play a role to save someone’s life but the police will have to take responsibility to control the overall law and order situation as well as subdue mugging, stealing and robbery gangs in the capital.

According to a list of criminals prepared around two months back, as many as 500 hijackers are currently active at 575 spots under 50 police stations in Dhaka metropolis. Apart from these, there are members of ‘Ogyan Party’, ‘Malam Party’, and ‘Tana Party’. Many of them are accused in several cases but police mysteriously take no action against them. A section of police officials allegedly maintains nexus with the crime ring. It is their main duty to identify muggers and professional thieves and to take action against them instead of giving people an easy advice to keep their ornaments at the relatives’ care.

DMP commissioner, however, said only patrolling cannot curb crimes, criminals must be booked too. But, are all 50 police stations of Dhaka working properly? Since they do not do their duty properly, mugging and burglary are on the rise. At the meeting of DMP in January last, police also expressed concerned over the rising incidents of mugging and burglary in Dhaka. Yet dominance of criminals did not lessen.

On 27 March, dentist Ahmed Mahi Bulbul was stabbed to death by snatchers in Mirpur’s Shewrapara and such incident occurs often. Since law enforcement agencies know in which spot mugging takes place, why do they not heighten patrolling on those spots? Many muggers take advantage of legal loopholes even after being caught red-handed. Many times police do not want to register mugging cases and they advise victims to file case over losing valuables.

As Eid approaches, there is a fear that mugging may rise in bus, minibus, three-wheeler auto-rickshaw, micro, launch not only in Dhaka but also other cities. In particular, many innocent people lose everything after being victim of ‘Ogyan Party’, ‘Malam Party’, and ‘Tana Party’. And advice is not enough in such circumstance. We expect law enforcement agencies will strengthen patrolling in addition to taking all necessary measures to ensure public safety.

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