The state-owned Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has advised physicians treating Covid patients with diabetes to be vigilant about early detection of black fungus infection, which applies equally to Bangladesh.

As we have learned, the officials of the health department have taken a plan to draw up guidelines for the prevention of black fungus. On the other hand, the National Technical Advisory Committee on Covid-19 is preparing to make recommendations. The DGHS’s Public Health Advisory Committee is also working to take preventive measures. Hopefully, these plans will see the light of day as quick as possible. There are several advanced laboratories in Bangladesh for research on black fungus research. Those can be used too.

According to BIRDEM hospital authorities, two to three patients with black fungus are admitted in the hospital every month. In that case, the recent admission of three patients (one of whom has died) may not be unusual. But for the treatment of such patients, the specialist physicians, medical equipment and infrastructural facilities in the hospital also need to be checked. It is not possible to bring all the patients from remote areas to Dhaka for treatment. Required physicians and infrastructural facilities should be ensured at the district level at least, if not at the upazila level.

The connection between the use of steroids in the treatment of Covid patients and the consequent decline in immunity has been discussed among the experts. That's why it is important to make sure that Covid patients do not use steroids outside the hospital. The government should take necessary initiatives and create public awareness in order to prevent creating panic among people about the black fungus.

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