Seat trading and occupation of public university dormitories has been going on for many years. The pro-ruling student organisations are involved with it. However, the university administration is not only turning a blind eye regarding this, in many cases is also facilitating the wrongdoers. The administration is responsible for allocating and providing seats to the students in the residential halls of the university.

BCL or any other student organisation cannot have anything to say here. There are also allegations that even after losing their studentship seven to eight years ago, a group of BCL activists are still living in dorms in the name of running information cell, propaganda cell and so on. They are making the decision as to who would stay in the dorms and who would not.

This incident has happened not only in Rajshahi University, but in all public universities. Chhatra League also has an absolute dominance in the dormitories of Dhaka University. They also oversee the administration’s activities regarding the allocation of seats in the dorms. BCL put pressure on a teacher to appoint a canteen manager for a residential hall at Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET) last year. The teacher could not bear the pressure and died of a heart attack. Humiliating, threatening and abusing teachers have become a habit of the leaders and workers of the ruling party's student body.

We thank the teachers of Rajshahi University who are protesting against the seat trade and occupation. They are doing their duty as teachers. If the teachers of other universities follow their footprint and protest against injustice, the situation might change.

At the same time, we denounce the role of the inactive university administration. All public university administrations should disclose all information about seat allocation on website or in the form of a notification. They must impose strict restrictions on outsiders from entering the dorms.

The university authorities or the hall administration should ensure that all students are treated equally. Party affiliation should not be the criteria for allocating seats. The university authority is responsible to ensure that the students, who got the admission there as per the merit list, have been attending classes regularly and taking exams, get the chance to stay at dorms. All public university authorities are expected to be alert and diligent in performing this responsibility.

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