Strengthen mosquito killing activities

EditorialProthom Alo illustration

Dengue generally turns epidemic during the rainy season in Bangladesh. At the time, rain water accumulates in the houses and yards, and Aedes mosquitoes, source of dengue, grow there. But this time, unusual spread of dengue has been noticed even in winter and summer.

According to the Prothom Alo report, the number of dengue patients is rising alarmingly ahead of Aedes mosquitoes breeding season.

Although nobody died from dengue this time last year, 13 people have died of dengue this year. The dengue disease normally begins in June as the rainy season begins at this time. This epidemic continues till September. This period is considered the breeding time of Aedes mosquitoes which carry dengue virus.

Between January and 21 May of 2021, a total of 100 dengue patients had been hospitalised. No patients died. During the corresponding period of 2022, no dengue patients died. However, the number of infected patients increased to 243.

However, according to the Director General of Health Services, a total of 1447 people have been infected with dengue till 21 May this year.

Entomologists said now larvae of Aedes mosquitoes are found in many places, which have no link with rain water. The places include parking space, basement of under construction building, meter box of WASAa and accumulated water in the houses.

This outbreak of dengue is not only in Dhaka, the news of infection of dengue is also coming from Chattogram, Cox's Bazar, Narsingdi, Barishal, Manikganj, Mymensingh, Lakshmipur, Kishoreganj, Khagrachhari and Satkhira.

What are the city corporations doing when the number of dengue patients is rising alarmingly. As per Prothom Alo report, the activities of Dhaka South City Corporation are limited to sending letters to its partner organisations and seeking 10 executive magistrates for mobile court. On the contrary, Dhaka North City Corporation said an awareness campaign by scouts and BNCC and the application of new medicine BTI bacteria are under process.

There are allegations that although the dengue patients take admission to hospital, their names and address are not recorded. Many addresses remain unclear.  In those cases, the city corporations cannot locate the concerned areas to destroy the breeding ground of Aedes mosquitoes.

The activities of mosquito killing have to be strengthened in the areas where the number of dengue patients is higher. Besides, mass awareness activities have to be launched.

Entomologists said the presence of Aedes mosquitoes are found in high-rise buildings (four storey or above), the rate is 39.8 per cent. Surveillance on the multi-storey buildings has to be increased.