Video clippings, personal phone conversation related to the incident are being leaked and spread in social media. Do you think a certain quarter is trying to create confusion?

The accused is being vilified by advertisements in newspapers and through boost posting on the Facebook page of health ministry with public money. This is being done to influence the court and an objective trial. You just can’t do it spending public money, this is not even ethical. The government did not take any step against the people involved with the incident. Rather, they are confronting the journalists. The journalist is facing punishment even before the trial. This is questioning justice.

Politicians of the ruling party and the cabinet members are issuing contradictory statements. What could be the reason?

It is not clear to me whether this is a lack of coordination or they are not aware of the thoughts of the government. I’m curious about this. The health minister could have resolved the matter at the very beginning. This incident has brought new challenges not only for investigative journalism but for journalism as a profession. I hope the government will resolve the matter quickly.

The allegations are against the health ministry officials, but its officials are part of the probe committee. The journalist organisations have rejected this. Still no new committee has been formed. Why?

Questions have already been raised about the inquiry committee. It would have been better is the committee was formed under the leadership of a justice or human rights commission.

Journalists' methods of collecting information are being criticised. Could this be a show of power?

Allegation of theft is being brought by the video clippings being circulated. This does not prove her guilty. This will be clear through investigation and trial. Abusing a journalist, especially a female journalist, physically under the aegis of administrative officials, keeping her confined, seizing her mobile phone is unwarranted. This was an unauthorised intervention.

* This interview has been rewritten in English by Shameem Reza

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