But if the 8 day time is stipulated instead of 45 days and made compulsory?

(Laughing) We will not forget our experience. Prothom Alo and other media ran reports in this regard. But as to the consequences of such a law, if it is enacted, you may turn to the clauses of the special laws related to the speedy tribunal act. Some clauses called for trials to be completed within 120 or 180 days, but these provisions remain ineffective.

There will be software to coordinate land registration and mutation. This is being done in 17 upazilas and will cover the entire country in a year's time. Isn't that a good thing?

It is certainly good and I welcome this digital coordination. But you must understand what is actually happening in the 17 upazilas. I hope this project is a success, but I do not see what this has at all to do with mutation within 8 days. The land survey department has already placed 40.3 million (4 crore 3 lakh) records online. Say, for instance, you have land in 7 khatians and there is a mango orchard there. Tomorrow you may change that to a 'jaam' orchard. Then if you want to sell the land and go to the sub-registrar, you will have to sell it as a 'jaam' orchard. The assistant commissioner will do that first. But you will not be able to make the mango orchard into a 'jaam' orchard within the proposed 8 days of the registration of the land sale. That is why I am apprehensive that, in the name of coordination between the two ministries, the responsibilities of the assistant commissioner will unnecessarily be increased. It will complicate matters further.

How soon is it possible to carry out mutation?

Mutation is the assistant commissioner's task. It is important for the main copy of the registered document to be handed over to the assistant commissioner. That document will have all the required information. That is why I had made the provision for three original documents together. I think it is important to look into how work was done in 7 days at the central registry office in Tejgaon and a decision made accordingly.

In the year 2005, a good amendment was brought about to Section 63 of the 1908 law. Since then, during the time of registration, the past 25 years' history of the land is recorded and this provision is being followed with no exception. So I think it is important to ensure that the original document is sent as soon as possible to the assistant commissioner. The mutation of every document can be done within a short time from the registration.

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