Why is Pabna Medical College closed?


Pabna medical college has been closed indefinitely, but why?

The answer is simple - Chhatra League. This student organisation, with government indulgence, is constantly involved in infighting among its factions, at the expense of the common students. When their clashes go too far, the authorities have to close down the colleges or universities, sometimes for an indefinite period.

This has become a regular feature. In the first week of this month, clashes between two groups of Chhatra League led to the closure of Comilla medical college. They also clashed in Chittagong University and Barisal. Last Sunday a person was killed in the fights between two factions of Chhatra League in Sylhet. Chhatra League itself declared an indefinite hartal (strike) in Sylhet MC College and the government college there.

These clashes are not at all student-like in any way. It hardly seems they belong to the same student organisation. They act as if they are enemies or rivals. They launch armed attacked against each other at any time of the day or night. It was in the early hours of the morning that they clashed at Pabna medical college.

The students of colleges and universities all over the country are hostage of these violent clashes of Chhatra League. The authorities of these educational institutions are helpless. The law is ineffective against the Chhatra League leaders, activists and supporters who are embroiled in crime and violence.

The central body of Chhatra League doesn’t seem to have any control over the various units of the organisation. And the government, along with the ruling Awami League, turns a blind eye to Chhatra League’s misdemeanours. This cannot go on. Chhatra League must be brought under control. The government must take a political decision to do so.

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