Jyotirmoy Barua

I am not in favour of any amendment or reform of the Digital Security Act. I want the entire law repealed. It is a restrictive and repressive law. Despite the amendments or some reforms, the law will prevail. This law will be misused if it exists. We speak of the rule of law in the country. But this act is contrary to the rule of law. This act does not establish the rule of law, rather alludes to repression by law.

The Digital Security Act is a new tool to suppress dissent. The government is using it in this manner.

DSA is one of those laws constituted to suppress dissent that is also taking people's lives. For instance, writer Mushtaq Ahmed died in prison in February 2021, 9 months after his arrest.

I believe the act has created an imbalance in the society.

Although this law was said to protect people on digital platforms, the government has actually enacted it with the intention of suppressing and controlling dissent. That is now being executed.

For these reasons I suggest the entire act should be repealed.

*Jyotirmoy Barua is a lawyer in the Supreme Court

*This commentary, originally published in Prothom Alo print edition, has been rewritten in English by Farjana Liakat