TOP SHOTS (03 April 2024)

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Women in long queue wait to buy daily essentials from TCB truck amid scorching heat at Boira Puja Khola area in Khulna on 3 April.
Saddam Hossain
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A man casts net at Chamaurakandi Haor in Sylhet on 3 April.
Anis Mahmud
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A woman named Monju Rani Goshwami is drying flutes which will be sold at village fairs ahead of Pahela Baishakh and Eid. The picture was taken in Cumilla's Songraish area on 3 April
M Sadek
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Emergency personnel stand in front of a partially collapsed building leaning over a street in Hualien on 3 April 2024, after a major earthquake hit Taiwan's east
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People prepare to transport the bodies of staff members of the US-based aid group World Central Kitchen, at a hospital morgue in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip on April 3, 2024, two days after a convoy of the NGO was hit in an Israeli strike as battles continue between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas