This year, the government introduced the annual summative assessment to assess the Class VI and VII students in light with the new curriculum, focusing practical activities instead of written exams.

Prothom Alo visited the Udayan Uchcha Madhyamik Bidyalaya in Dhaka on 7 November and captured a glimpse of the students who are in practical activities.

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Students of class VII are busy in practical work on mathematics as part of the new annual evaluation method.
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A teacher assists students with practical work.
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Students build paper houses during a practical class.
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A student (R) measures a paper house with a ruler.
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Two students keep notes on measurements.
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Students gather on the schoolyard ahead a football match as part of the fitness evaluation.
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Students shake hands before the football match.
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A teacher instructs students before the football match.
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Students participate in the warm-up session.
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Students chalk out a game plan before the football match begins.
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A student shoots the ball during the football match.
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A girl runs after the ball during a football match.