Posts and telecommunications minister Mustafa Jabbar on Thursday said each union in the country will get high speed broadband internet connection by 2023, reports UNB.

Already internet connection has been ensured in all unions except 190 in the country, the minister said while virtually inaugurating broadband internet connection to hilly Modhupur region.

Private Internet Service Provider, Amber IT, took the initiative to bring some villages of Garo community under internet facility followed by a news report published in a national daily.

Mustafa Jabbar said, “Digitally connecting all the inaccessible and remote areas like Modhupur will bring out the hidden talents of the country. Bangladesh will not stay behind than any other country after 10 years.”

“Recently we have inaugurated 5G internet connection in the country which will be instrumental to move forward in agriculture, fishery, industry, trade and all other sectors,” he added.