Rosatom launches awareness campaign on atoms for humanity

Rosatom launches awareness campaign on atoms for humanity

Rosatom launched Atoms for Humanity, a global new nuclear awareness campaign, recently aimed at demonstrating the importance of nuclear technologies in achieving the UN Sustainable Goals through human-centred stories, reports state-run news agency BSS.

Over 3,200 people from 40 countries watched Rosatom’s nuclear awareness campaign ‘Why Humanity Needs Nuclear’ on 30 April, said a message on Monday.

Kirsty Gogan, an internationally sought-after expert with over 15 years in advising the government on climate and energy, was the host of the discussion.

Other speakers include Rosatom and World Nuclear Association executives, environmental experts, and heroes of Atoms for Humanity documentaries.

The event focused on the social, economic and environmental benefits of nuclear energy with invaluable insights from accomplished experts.

The discussion featured first-hand accounts of people, who directly benefitted from nuclear technologies.