Technological advancements are hyped, politicized and sometimes demonized, said senior vice president of Huawei Catherine Chen in a speech titled ‘Believe in the Power of Technology.’

The vice president said this while speaking as a keynote speaker at the “Connected for Shared Prosperity” forum held at Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel in Shanghai, organized by Huawei, Global Mobile Association (GSMA), Center of Environmental Economics of Fudan University, and The Paper.

Catherine Chen said, “Looking back over history, we've seen how large social changes happen in lockstep with breakthroughs in science and technology. But today, technological advancements are hyped and politicized, sometimes demonized. Many have stopped believing in technology's power because of fear and distrust.”

She added, “we've all had mixed feelings about 2020. The pandemic has changed our lives. We took many things for granted that no longer exist, and our values have changed.”


Catherine Chen described how technology could be used as an engine for human progress. While calling on individuals and businesses to think big and act small, Chen reiterated her support of the UN's sustainable development goals and building a green, innovative, and inclusive world.

Participants joined both online and in-person to discuss the value of digital technologies in sustainable development for a better, connected world, representing organizations worldwide, including international industry regulators, and think tanks from China, Malaysia, Spain, Thailand, Hungary, and Portugal.

More than 1000 guests from over 50 countries attended the conference online.

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