“Mahmudullah has won many matches for us,” Nazmul said. “We have to respect him. If we cannot make a place for him in the team, we have to respect him (by giving him a chance to retire from the field). I’m not sure if he is in our World Cup team. I can only be confirmed if the selectors inform me,” he added.

The BCB boss further said that more than this year’s T20 World Cup, they are building a team for the T20 World Cup after that.

“What we are doing now is not for this World Cup,” Nazmul told the reporters on Tuesday. “We have to target the World Cup after it. There is no coach who can change everything in a day. So we have to accept it.”

He also said that Bangladesh would go through some changes and experiments in the next few months aiming to form a strong T20 team.

“We have to have a long-term plan, and we are targeting the next T20 World Cup. We have to see some unexpected results in the process and we have to accept it,” Nazmul said.

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