"Street children face ample issues but major problems are lack of education and identity crisis. We face several health issues too. In 2019 when I received the opportunity to play Street Child World Cup I was very happy. It helped me build my confidence," Soni Khatoon, who played the mixed-gender International Cricket in SCCWC 2019 as a member of Team India North, told the reporters.

Speaking about the goals of the Street Child Cricket World Cup, Street Child United's founder and CEO John Wroe said, "The SCCWC will be a catalyst for One Million Young People globally receiving identity for the very first time. This is our legacy challenge for the 2nd SCCWC."

"It is a universal call for governments to ensure that street children everywhere are better protected, and granted access to basic services that so many of us take for granted," said Wroe.

In addition to the partnership between Street Child United and Save the Children the SCCWC 2023 will also collaborate with World Bank, ICC and the British High Commission.

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