Mixed day for Bangladesh in BFAME

Reuters file photo

Bangladesh had a mixed day in the second day of the 22nd BFAME Championships, the qualifying tournament for the Bermuda Bowl, otherwise known as the World Cup of Bridge on Sunday at Lahore.

Bangladesh lost the first match of the day against powerful India but won the third session of the day against Jordan to end the day on a good note.

After a disappointing opening day the men in red and green looked solid against India but ultimately lost by 12.8-7.2 VPs largely due to a big slam swing. Bangladesh lost the session by 37-27 IMPS.

Bangladesh got bye in the second session and had an exciting match against Jordan in the final one. Both the sides seemed to leak IMPs with some game swings and ultimately Bangladesh prevailed with 48-39 IMPs yielding 12.55 VPs against 7.45.

At the end of the third day hosts Pakistan, who stunned India in the first session, led the table with 67.31 as India stood second with 66.08. UAE, Bangladesh and Jordan held the following places respectively with 64.96, 51.83 and 49.82.

All the five teams have played once against one another and will play twice more before the top four play the semifinal round. The winners of semifinal round will qualify for Bermuda Bowl.