Ramadan: Secondary schools to conduct classes for 15 days

Education Ministry

All secondary and lower-secondary schools across the country will conduct classes for a total of 15 days during the holy month of Ramadan, from 11 to 25 March.

The education ministry made the announcement through a press release on Thursday, saying that it adjusted the education calendar and the list of holidays in accordance with the decision.

Subject to the sighting of the moon, the holy month of Ramadan is likely to commence either on 11 or 12 March.

In the release, the ministry noted that it has made some corrections to the list of holidays and the education calendar for the government and non-government secondary and lower-secondary schools.

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As per the new decision, the academic activities in the institutions will continue for 15 days in total from 11 to 25 March.

Earlier, the ministry approved the list of holidays for the government and non-government colleges for the year of 2024.

As per the approval, the educational institutions will remain closed for 71 days in total throughout the year, including the three-day reserved holiday for the chief of the institutions.