Free advice session for students on higher education in the UK


Bangladeshi students will get free suggestions to prepare themselves for accessing UK education in a better way. This program will start online in November.

The Study Group is offering three additional weeks of life and study skills for students starting at thirteen of its international study centres and colleges in January 2023 through an introduction of an early programme to be started on 28 November 2022. It will support a successful progression through the illustrious pathway program and into their chosen degree programs. 

No extra tuition fee will be charged from the the students for this arrangement.

Students will benefit from an additional three weeks of teaching focused on three key areas: orientation, practical support, and academic and digital skills.

Mark Cunnington, chief learning experience officer at Study Group, said, “We’re constantly working with our university partners to introduce new ways of supporting international students. Moving to a new country can bring about unique challenges, so these earlier start dates are designed to help students become more familiar with life in the UK before beginning their main academic pathway studies in 2023.”

The programme will be held online for Bangladeshi students. To know more visit