Laying the groundwork for a bright future

Little Areezah has learned to walk. The 20-month-old baby girl who would crawl across the house just a few months back can now run right into her parents’ arms, followed by hearty giggles! Coupled with all the emotions and excitement to see the little one grow up bit by bit, the Chowdhurys are now worried about the next step – starting school.

The first few years for children are crucial. With more than one million neural connections being formed each second, children learn more during the first six years than at any other point in life. Hence, concepts learned during this time remain with them for the rest of their lives, helping them build critical, social, creative, interpersonal, and emotional skills. Successful completion of this then lays a strong foundation to build upon as they progress through education and into adulthood. Recognizing this importance, DPS STS School Dhaka is enhancing their Early Years Programme (EYP) by introducing EYP 2.0 - incorporating futuristic features in their Pre-primary section.

There are several types of programmes that meet the early learning goals for young children, encouraging a play-based learning experience while also preparing them for formal schooling. An example includes Montessori education, which consists of a child-centred educational approach that emphasizes hands-on learning experiences and independent exploration. Despite a few differences, all types of programmes are aimed at the same goal - supporting the development of young children’s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive skills through play, exploration, and educational activities – and that is exactly what DPS EYP 2.0 is all about! Besides, they are the only English medium school to provide daycare facilities under this programme to offer all-around support for working parents. The daycare at DPS STS school under EYP 2.0 is strategic to ensure a safe and supportive environment for children to learn and play, while allowing parents to work or attend to other responsibilities. It is also designed to promote social and emotional development, language skills and cognitive abilities in young children.

The current trend in educational programmes for young children mainly focuses on play-based learning that emphasizes practical experiences through fun and games that shape children’s learning and development. Eventually, this goes on to nurture their social-emotional skills, such as empathy, self-regulation, and resilience. Moreover, the use of technology has also been incorporated through the use of tablets and educational apps. DPS EYP 2.0 will be offering 21st-century classrooms for advanced learning, Innovative play areas for appropriate physical development, and dedicated Montessori labs to develop fine motor skills. Moreover, they will also work on the children’s speech and drama programmes to enhance skills. Eventually, through research-based reading and writing programmes, they will help them boost creativity as a first step to their creative manifestation. They will also conduct special bridge programmes for students joining the school for the first time. Playgroup admission will start at 2.5 years!

Consequently, children become better prepared for future success through strengthened cognitive, social-emotional, and language skills. These programmes can also improve their school readiness and academic performance, as well as support their physical development and health. Moreover, incorporating creative activities that encourage exploration and expression can foster children’s creativity and imagination, helping them develop their unique skills and interests.

Hence, Early Childhood Programmes can be considered the initial step to effective learning. In that case, DPS EYP 2.0 will bring the best-in-class features for holistic development within little stars like Areezah, preparing them to face the world with the utmost vigour.

DPS is launching the Early Years Programme 2.0’ on 25 February 2023, at 10 am in the DPS STS Junior section, where you can visit with your little one to get a clearer idea! Grab the exclusive opportunity to listen to an early-year expert from the UK - Abigail Barnett, and an education expert from Bangladesh. Moreover, you can also enjoy lots of games and entertainment and avail of a special offer on admission and daycare in the day-long EYP 2.0 launching event! Register here to join the event: