Building communities toward positivity

DPS STS School Dhaka

From infancy we pick up traits from the people surrounding us, wobbling our way towards our distinct personalities. The variation of people around us is often the reason behind variation in personal characteristics, making the presence of people a crucial aspect of character building. For years now, we have believed that “humans are social animals” and very truly so – without social interactions, a positive behavioural development might not emerge. Such importance on people and social interaction in the development of any child brings us to the significance of community building.

As humans, we are inherently social. Hence, we happen to feel a constant need to connect with people as we all are staggering our way through social challenges. To do that, we need help from people with common values. Community building is the concept of strengthening social connections by being there for each other and fighting through challenges together, making society a better place to live within.

Community building consists of activities where people come together, help each other, and socialise. It brings people purpose and opens up doors to extensive networking opportunities where people can make an impact in others’ lives. If you are good at math, you can help the struggling boy at school by tutoring him up the academic ladder. This creates a society that is tightly bonded together, instilling the notion of belonging, connectedness, and trust. Social activities are of incomparable significance for building communities, as helping out and connecting fills societies with happy, fulfilled people. Aimed at improving lives through connection, social activities comprise activities that primarily improve social skills by bringing people together.

Instilling the idea of community building within young minds is crucial for a positive society. For instance, camping, sports, field trips, movie nights, organising festivals, volunteer work, etc., are activities that bring the students together, eventually creating a bond among them. In this way, they can all be there for each other whenever necessary. Moreover, activities like volunteer work also allow them to give back to society through tasks like helping the underprivileged, conserving the environment, and more. Such activities are done for a cause, by a number of students altogether, allowing them to find a commonality among each other. Moreover, these community-building projects not only fulfil materialistic necessities but also add to a person’s spiritual and intellectual self.

Being social, benefits not only oneself but everyone in the community. Hence, it is now time for children to go out there, build their communities and bring a positive change!

The pandemic practically exemplifies this importance; as the movement restrictions caused a decline in such activities, the mental health of a considerable chunk of people also happened to take a dip. In a study by Queen’s University, 27% of people said they were suffering from loneliness, quantifying the statement. Moreover, the pandemic years have been trying for many individuals and families. In such times, it is essential for people to come together and help them. The pandemic situation led to a rise in the necessity of community-building activities, both for societies as a whole and individual well-being.

Institutions like schools carry the heavy responsibility of instilling the idea of community within their students. Through various social projects, they can come forward to drive positive societal changes through our young leaders. Students of DPS STS School Dhaka’s Community Club have been doing just that by executing various social activities. Last year, they handed out daily essentials and food among underprivileged families and children at an orphanage, bringing smiles to their faces amidst the trying times of the pandemic. They had also taken up a unique initiative that brought students together during their vacation, where seniors arranged an array of fun activities and tasks. Such activities have brought the students together, tightening their bond while also making a positive difference.

Building communities is an integral part of the development of all individuals, and accumulating them together builds a positive society. Being social, benefits not only oneself but everyone in the community. Hence, it is now time for children to go out there, build their communities and bring a positive change!

* Bijo Kurian is the vice principal of DPS STS School, Dhaka