Registration in class six now, how to register

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Dhaka

Student registration system has been introduced in class six. Alongside the students of class eight and nine, students of class six are also required to get registered for the first time ever.

The government has taken the initiative to have an overall knowledge including the dropout rate of students while graduating from the primary level to the secondary level.

These registration activities started on 1 November and will continue till 30 November. The fee for each student to get registered has been fixed at Tk 58.

The registration procedure in class six has been going on as part of implementing the new curriculum. In this way, the education boards will have the information of entry-level secondary students. The information could be used at the time of their class eight and nine registrations.

How to get the registration done

The registration-related circular published by the board of intermediate and secondary education, Dhaka states that the registration fee for the class-six students of 2023-24 academic sessions has been fixed Tk 58.

The registration form can be filled out by logging into Dhaka board’s website using respective educational institutes’ EIIN and passwords. And the registration fee has to be paid through Sonali Seba service.

According to the education policy, none below the age of nine or above the age of 15 will be allowed to register in class six. Students must submit their birth registration certificates during the registration.

Students of educational institutes, operating without permission won’t have the opportunity to get registered through their own schools.

The education board stated that a three-member committee consisted of teachers has to be formed in every school for uploading students’ registration information.

Then before submitting the final list, committee members will verify the information by matching them with the information given on the admission form and the certificate. And the final submission has to be completed later.

The final list has to be printed out and preserved at the institute. If there are any anomalies in students’ information, action will be taken against the head of their educational institute. The schools can fill out the registration forms online from 1 to 10 November.

The education board stated that the ESIF has to be filled out within 24 hours of paying the fee at the bank. If any student fails to complete the registration within the deadline or the student faces any problem due to that, the head of the educational institute would be held responsible for that.

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