The students and teachers of government colleges have been asked not to give posts on social media or publish any audio, video content or like or comment or share any such material that tarnishes the image of the government.

The Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE) issued a notification, ‘Directives regarding the use of social media’ in this regard on Wednesday and published it on its website on Thursday.

The directive asked the students and teachers not to post anything that belittles nationally important persons, organisations, services or professions. No information or data that goes against national unity or spirit could be published.


Nothing could be published that might hurt the religious sentiment of any community or no information or data that goes against the principle of secularism could be published.

The directive further asked teachers and students to stop giving any post or upload any audio and video content or like and comment on any such material that could hurt the communal harmony or deteriorate the law and order situation in the country.

They were also asked not to publish or share any writing, audio and video that could displease the people and propagate contents which are baseless, false or obscene.


Admins of various pages and groups active on social media have been asked not to allow any posts which go against the principles of the government, their respective institutions, organisations and directorates and offices. Otherwise, action would be taken against the admin and the person who gives the post.

The heads of educational institutions have also been asked to keep any eye so that no actions happen that break discipline.