DU students protest HC order on restoration of quota system in govt jobs

Students marched across Dhaka University campus to the central Shaheed Minar, chanting slogans to repeal the High Court verdict that reinstate quota system
Prothom Alo

Following the High Court order to retain a 56 per cent quota in first to fourth-class government jobs, students from Dhaka University and other institutions, along with frontliners and activists of the 2018 Quota Reformation Movement, staged human chains under various banners at Dhaka University.

Former activists of Chhatra Odikhar Parishad, under the banner of agitated students, formed a human chain in front of Raju's sculpture at Dhaka University at 11:30am on Thursday.

They protested the reinstatement of the 30 per cent freedom fighter quota in government jobs.

Bin Yemin Molla, one of the top leaders of Chhatra Odikhar Parishad, stated, "Our freedom fighters did not fight to create a country full of discrimination; they sacrificed their lives to establish justice and fairness. Implementing a 56 per cent quota in jobs is like destroying the dreams of millions of unemployed students. It is a betrayal of the students." He urged the High Court to revoke the order.

Former convener of the 2018 Quota Reformation Movement, Hasan Al Mamun, said, "The decision of the High Court to reinstate the quota is completely illegal and unconstitutional. The constitution clearly states that every citizen of the country has equal rights to public employment. So, why is there a 56 percent quota in government jobs?"

He called on all students in the country to stand together as they did in 2018.

A separate rally of general students from Dhaka University also marched through the university roads, protesting the court's verdict to restore the 56 per cent quota in top-grade government jobs.

Hasnat Abdullah, one of the protesting students, said, "The students will not accept the restoration of the quota based on the demands of a few who want undue advantages. We must hit the streets again to cancel the reimposition of the quota. Our freedom fighters fought for equality and justice."

At least 500 students from Dhaka University joined the rally that started from the gate of the central library, where students prepare for government jobs throughout the year. They marched across the campus to the central Shaheed Minar, chanting slogans to repeal the verdict.

As an immediate reaction to the verdict, students of Dhaka University gathered in front of the central library and staged a demonstration at around 7:30pm on Wednesday (5 June) following the announcement of the 30 per cent freedom fighter quota restoration.