When entering the school premises, ISD students will be required to bring a daily health check form signed by parents. Initially, ISD is opening the doors of the primary level to each class for two half-days per week. The secondary students will attend one day of lessons on campus once a week. Students of grades nine to twelve will attend the class for the entire day and bring their own lunch from home.

The school will run COVID antigen tests on campus for all its staff members weekly to ensure the campus is as safe as possible. In addition, the school has created two isolation rooms and clear protocols in case of any emergencies. Furthermore, parents and visitors will not be allowed on campus during school hours without appointment.

According to Mr. Thomas “ISD is celebrating this day, as we are sure many students, parents, and schools are around the country. Together we can allow the students to safely return back to school, we all know what to do and how to keep them and ourselves as safe as possible.”

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