For now, the students will be able to continue their examinations and regular educational activities till the rule is settled. The Supreme Court’s Chamber Judge also dismissed the leave to appeal of the university authorities against the High Court’s order.

Zafar Ahmed and Kazi Zinat Haque bench issued the ‘Rule Nisi’ on 20 February in the wake of the write petition filed by Sumaiya Binte Ikram and Anika Tabassum Mim.

On 26 January, the High Court ordered the expulsion of JU student Sumaiya Binte Ikram for one year and Anika Tabassum Mim for six months without ‘hearing’ and ‘show cause notice’ by the university administration. The High Court has directed in the next four weeks (by 20 March 2022) to show cause.

In the interim, the registrar of the university is directed to allow the writ petitioners to continue their studies regularly and take part in the upcoming examinations. However, their results will remain unpublished until the rule is finalised.

Later, the registrar of the university filed a leave to appeal against the order of the High Court. On 2 March, the Supreme Court’s chamber judge ordered a “no order” after hearing both sides. That is, he dismissed the appeal and upheld the order of the High Court.

Controller of examinations Farid Ahmed said, “I have not received any such court order till noon on Thursday and I am not aware of the whole matter. I can tell you when the court order comes next Sunday. “

In this regard, the chairman of the Department of Anthropology, professor Sayeed Ferdous said, “Now no classes of this batch (46) are running. As two exams have been postponed, the exams are scheduled from 6-9 March. We have always respected the orders of the High Court.”

“Earlier the aggrieved students gave us a copy. We do not have the authority to accept that. The university will look into it and direct the department. However, I was told this verbally that the university registrar is going to appeal against the High Court order. If the appeal is rejected, there is no legal impediment for them to sit for the examination. I will inform the registrar about this.”

Despite several attempts, it was not possible to get through to the registrar of the university.