NSU announces return of Bakeman’s 3rd International Language League


The Department of English and Modern Languages at North South University (NSU) announced the return of Bakeman’s 3rd International Language League, the country's largest language Olympiad, said a press release.

With participation from over fifty thousand students across the nation, this year's event promises to be even grander, building on the resounding success of the previous two language leagues held in 2019 and 2022.

The inauguration of the brand-new season, "Bakeman’s 3rd International Language League," co-powered by AECC Global, was celebrated with a press conference at the Syndicate Hall of North South University on 25 July 2023.

The event witnessed the presence of distinguished guests, including professor Abdur Rob Khan, dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences; AQMA Rahman Bhuiyan, chairman of the Department of English and Modern Languages; senior lecturer Mehedi Hasan, and Md Shafiqul Islam Tushar, chief marketing officer of Akij Bakers Limited, who extended their support to the language league.

The prestigious Language League, hosted by NSU, aims to foster language learning and assess language competency in English, Bangla, and other languages. In its inaugural year in 2019, the event primarily focused on English, Bangla, and Chinese; the following year, German and French languages were included. This year, the festival will reach new heights with the addition of Bangladeshi indigenous languages, reflecting the linguistic diversity of the country.

Unlike previous editions, which were limited to junior to tertiary level students, this year's competition opens its doors to students from the primary level (class one) to the tertiary level (university).

The competition will unfold in three stages: Divisional, Semi-final, and Final, comprising seven engaging segments: Spelling Bee, Grammar, Wall Magazine, Debate, Public Speaking, Short Story Writing, and Handwriting.

The organizers have announced that further news and registration details for the Bakeman’s 3rd International Language League will be available on the official website.

As the competition gears up to commence, students and language enthusiasts are encouraged to stay tuned for updates and seize the opportunity to participate in this remarkable celebration of linguistic excellence.

The Bakeman’s 3rd International Language League promises to be a momentous event, promoting language proficiency and embracing the rich linguistic heritage of Bangladesh.

It is anticipated to be a vibrant platform for students to showcase their language skills and foster a deeper appreciation for linguistic diversity in the country.