ISD to hold ‘Inclusion Symposium’ on children with special needs

International School Dhaka (ISD) on 3 March is to organise an event, ‘Inclusion Symposium’, for the first time in Bangladesh, said  press release.

The event will be an opportunity for registered participants from Bangladesh who work with children with special needs to learn and discuss critical diversity and inclusion issues through hands-on interactive workshops and dialogues. The ‘Inclusion Symposium’ will be held at ISD campus.

Daniel Sobel, CEO and Founder of Inclusion Expert, Chair of International Forums of Inclusion Practitioners, and Founder of Global Inclusive Teaching Initiative, is expected to attend the event as the keynote speaker.

The Inclusion Symposium will focus on children with special needs and on how schools can include more diverse learners in everyday classrooms in Bangladesh. Every child deserves to receive quality education to develop their skills and realise their full potential, regardless of all their challenges, the release said.

The event will also allow participants to rise together by expanding learners’ knowledge, strengthening their resilience, and deepening their capacity for inclusion. The day will be useful for professional development opportunities. Several local non-profit organisations will attend the event and conduct 3-4 sessions. Anyone can register at