Australian Education Expo held in Dhaka

Organisers and guests at the Australian Education Expo 2023 pose for a photo

To shed light on the educational prospects Australia offers, the Australian Education Expo, orchestrated and hosted by Executive Study Abroad, was convened at the Westin Hotel in the capital city recently, said a press release.

Distinguished delegates from acclaimed institutions like the University of Adelaide, Monash University and Macquarie University participated in this educational exposition. These institutions introduced scholarships, some covering up to a hundred per cent of tuition, exclusively for Bangladeshi students. The expo furnished students with the invaluable chance to evaluate potential admissions through real-time assessments by diverse universities and engage in direct dialogues with university representatives.

Preceding the inauguration of the Education Expo, speeches were delivered by Farhana Nazrin, general manager of Executive Study Abroad, Mohammed Rabbani Hossain, chief executive officer, and Sajjadur Rahman, director of the institution. The event organisers underscored that their comprehensive services, spanning from admission to visa processing for various universities, will be rendered entirely free of charge.

Representatives from many top Australian universities took part in the Expo

The press release said that for Bangladeshi students, Australia’s higher education sector is increasingly becoming a compelling option. With a focus on delivering quality education and facilitating prospects for advanced studies in globally esteemed universities, Australia has emerged as a sought-after destination for Bangladeshi students.