Secondary schools to open Saturday, primary on Sunday

Durga Kami, 68, who is studying in tenth grade at Shree Kala Bhairab Higher Secondary School, answers a question from his teacher as he attends a class. Photo : Reuters

Classes will resume in all educational institutions from Saturday at secondary level. The education ministry declared this on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the primary schools will reopen from Sunday.

All schools, collegess, madrasahs and technical educational institutions were supposed to reopen on 21 April after Ramadan, Eid and other holidays but the closure was extended due to heatwave until 28 April as there were reports of several students fell sick in the classroom.

But just after taking classes for a day, the high schools were closed in five districts including Dhaka.

But there was an announcement to keep the primary schools open.

On Monday, the HC ordered the closure of primary and secondary schools and madrasas till Thursday due to heatwave in the country.

All secondary schools, colleges, madrasas and technical educational institutions were ordered to remain closed on Monday following the advice from the Ministry of Health and the Bangladesh Meteorological Department.

On Sunday, the Education Ministry in a circular said that educational institutions having air conditioning were allowed to operate if authorities wanted.

The country continues to experience a heat wave for the past few days while deaths of people from the heat stroke are reported every day.

The decision to open educational institutions amid the scorching heat sparked a huge criticism among all in the country.

In this situation, the HC on Monday ordered the closure of the educational institutions until Thursday.