Giving the highest priority on children's education, the SB2S campaign is working in line with government guidelines for the safe return of students to the school.

The organizations allied with the campaign hope to continue this collaboration in the upcoming days as well.

They also appreciate the specific and detailed guideline the government has provided for school reopening.

Due to the prolonged school closure, children have missed out on the opportunity to receive proper learning, nor interact with their peers, which has affected their education experience.

The associated consequences of school closures – learning loss, mental distress, heightened risk of dropout, child labour, and child marriage – have been experienced by many children, said a statement on Wednesday.

In addition, many children, especially the youngest and marginalized ones, could not access online or remote learning opportunities due to the lack of access to technology and poor learning environment.

Considering this context, the campaign is urging the government to develop and implement an effective plan in the coming days to address the various losses incurred.

At the same time, the 18 organizations reaffirm their willingness to work in close collaboration with the government to ensure the safe return of the children throughout these challenging times.

To help make the government's initiative of school reopening a success and to bring children back to mainstream education safely, education minister Dipu Moni, inaugurated the SB2S campaign on 10 February 2021.

The campaign aims to support the government to prepare children, families, parents and educational institutions to restart the educational activities so that students can return to the safest school environment.

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