UCB, the only ministry of education approved International Education provider in Bangladesh, has been presenting Bangladeshi students with manifold career development and skill-building opportunities besides enabling them to jumpstart their careers with foreign education assistance.

This next workshop will focus on introducing the youth to the basics of digital marketing, the growth curve of digital marketing over the past years, how it is integrated to most of our digital experiences these days, and how they can learn to use the futuristic digital marketing tools effectively to enrich their portfolios and competency.


Stephanie Cheah is a scholar who has observed the transformation of industries due to the incorporation of digital marketing very closely and is passionate about unraveling the complexity of it in the simplest ways to the future generation marketeers.

She holds a Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Honors) degree in Marketing and a Ph.D. in Industrial Marketing from Monash University Malaysia, and her research interests are in the fields of business marketing, industrial networks, and sustainability, particularly renewable energy.

Sandeep Ananthanarayanan, group CEO, STS group Bangladesh, said "In this fast-transforming era of digital, one has to have some basic understanding of the market and communication trends that take place via digital means. We are constantly surfing through digital content, and the consumers – especially the youth – need to grasp the marketing aspects of it strongly for their own benefits. UCB is glad to onboard Stephanie Cheah to help aspiring students have a better insight into marketing in the digital age. I would encourage all to sign-up for the workshop; it is totally free of charge and can surely add to the participants’ career viewpoints".

Participants will receive a Certificate of Participation from Monash University Malaysia and Universal College Bangladesh.

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