DPS STS School Dhaka hosts ‘The World Scholar’s Cup 2024’


The prestigious ‘World Scholar’s Cup 2024’ kicked off on Thursday, with DPS STS School Dhaka as its proud host. 

The two-day competition comes as a fun and unique opportunity for students across the country to flaunt their intellect and get a chance to compete at the Tournament of Champions at Yale, according to a press release. 

Welcoming shining minds of grades 5 to 12, this competition is all about having fun and earning medals, trophies, certificates, and more!

The participants are divided into two groups: juniors (ages 10-13) and seniors (ages 14 and above). Around 200 students from different schools across the country are participating in the competition.


The World Scholar’s Cup, hosting participants from over 60 countries, is a prestigious international team academic competition that unites students from diverse cultures into discussions on contemporary issues and ideas.

The next step of this cup, the global rounds, will be held in Baku, Kuala Lumpur, Stockholm, Seoul, Dalian, and Bangkok across different months of this year. 

These competitions enable students to demonstrate their prowess in a variety of subjects and to earn individual medals and team trophies.

Shivananda C S, principal, DPS STS School Dhaka, said, “Hosting the World Scholar’s Cup is truly an honor. It is great to see these young minds conquer the stage in their own ways. We hope that these two days of rigorous intellectual challenge and cultural exchange spark lifelong friendships that continue beyond the competition.”

DPS STS School Dhaka has a history of successful participation in the competition’s regional rounds, global rounds, and the Tournament of Champions at Yale University. 

This year, as hosts, they are welcoming bright young students from all over the country to leave their marks in this incredible quest for knowledge.