DPS STS School Dhaka arranges TEDxDPSSTSSchool 2022 event

With the hope to inspire young minds of Bangladesh, DPS STS (Delhi Public) School Dhaka, with a licence from TED, successfully arranged the grand sequel of the well-received TEDx event titled “TEDxDPSSTSSchool” at DPS STS Senior Campus Auditorium 15 October 2022. 

The event featured several influential achievers from various fields, focusing on the event’s theme “Mind Over Matter” and sharing their inspiring stories of breaking out of shells, overcoming obstacles, and amplifying their skills through the power of their mind. 

TEDx is an initiative created by the TED organisation to galvanize ideas that can foster pragmatic change in society. TEDxDPSSTSSchool was a full-day event where guest speakers and performers shed light on a range of thought-provoking and inspiring matters to educate and amuse the audience. 

Guest speakers of this event included Ghulam Sumdany Don, corporate trainer and Chief Inspirational Officer at Don Sumdany Facilitation & Consultancy; Manizey Ibrahim, author, lawyer and the Director of Legal Affairs at Ibrahim Securities Limited; Md Tajdin Hassan, founder of Mission Save Bangladesh and Chief Business Officer at The Daily Star; Anika Rabbani, certified yoga instructor under World Yoga Alliance and founder of yoga school Yoganika; Debra Efroymson, author, co-founder and Acting Executive Director of The Institute of Wellbeing Bangladesh; Rizvana Hredita, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Hydroquo+ and Lingwing; Rakin Absar, renowned digital content creator; Sadman Sadik, educator at 10 Minutes School and co-author of several self-help books; Sajid Asbat Khandaker and Sourodip Paul, winners of World Universities Debating Competition (WUDC) 2022; Shah Rafayat Chowdhury, award-winning environmentalist & co-founder of Footsteps Bangladesh.

TEDxDPSSTSSchool was very effective in boosting the intelligence of attendees and providing a divergent experience. The motivational event was sponsored by Monash Pathways at Universal College Bangladesh and MA Tayab Limited. The event was inaugurated by Dr. Shivananda CS, Principal of DPS STS School Dhaka. Dr. Sandeep Ananthanarayanan, CEO of Higher Education Wing of STS Group was also in attendance. DPS STS Senior Leadership Team, students and all registrants joined the event. Ms. Shalini Agarwalla, Dean of Activities, was the overall in-charge of TEDxDPSSTSSchool.

Dr. Shivananda CS, Principal, DPS STS School Dhaka, said, “TEDx talks stand out from other forms of presentations as it is highly effective in conveying information to the target audience. It is a platform where the achievers share their personal journey and struggle, and their strategies to overcome them. It is not just a speech; it is a narration of individual drive to success. With the TEDxDPSSTSSchool, our goal was to bring bright minds together under one roof. Through this event, we focused on allowing conversations that are idea-focused and inspire attendees to make a difference in the world.”