WB-funded project launched to create national job portal

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Prothom Alo

The World Bank is funding Bangladesh's first national job portal. 

World Bank officials said they also expect transparency and accountability in the project.

If this project is successful, they will launch more projects for the youth of Bangladesh. 

According to the project officials, job seekers no longer have to wait for various newspapers to get information of jobs in various government ministries and departments.

Various government jobs will be advertised on a single website. Job seekers can also create a profile and apply there. Apart from this, they can also find out at which stage the application currently is.

The government is going to launch the National Job Portal Service (Jatia Chakri Batayan) with such benefits.

The World Bank is funding this project while it is handled by The Enhancing Digital Government and Economy (EDGE) project implemented by Bangladesh Computer Council under the Department of Information and Communication Technology. 

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Prothom Alo

An official of the World Bank told Prothom Alo, "We are providing financial support for the opening of National Job Portal considering the needs of the young generation. Here, from various recruitment to website management, we emphasise on following the correct rules. Accountability in every case is one of our conditions. We appreciate transparency in all stages of the project. We'll monitor the development."

EDGE project team leader (Component 2) Md Shamsur Rahman told Prothom Alo that apart from the appointments made by the Public Service Commission (PSC), there are various types of appointments including non-cadre, consultants in various development projects. Various ministries and departments of the government issue job notifications for various posts of 10th to 17th grade.

Job seekers have to rely on various newspapers for these recruitments. Not all recruitment notices are visible to everyone. So many people don't know when and where they are being recruited. Such government jobs will be advertised in the national job portal.

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Prothom Alo

The job seekers can create their profile there. National Identity Card (NID) must be added to the profiles. Results of secondary and higher secondary examinations have to be added which will be automatically verified in the profile. No one can provide wrong information even if they want to. However, the university result will not come under verification yet as It will take time. Job seekers can apply online for various government jobs in their profile.

Candidates can apply online with a minimum fee. The status of the application, whether it is shortlisted, rejected or accepted, besides when and where the exam will be held—all updates can be found from the job seeker's profile. The opportunity to apply will be kept in this profile and it will reduce the trouble of printing and sending the application by post.

When asked about the current status of the national job portal Md Shamsur Rahman said that a tender was called for the creation of this website, which is being evaluated now. Once the evaluation committee has finished selecting the eligible organisation, the organisation will be asked to create a demo website. Various features will slowly be added there. Then it will be launched. 

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Job seekers and experts feel that national job portal should not be a nominal website. It should be a useful website for unemployed, job seeking population. It should also be ensured that the work of construction and supervision of this website is done by a competent organisation.

Former secretary of the Public Service Commission (PSC) Aktari Mamtaz told Prothom Alo, "We once wanted to hold a government job fair like the private job fair, it went a long way but it did not come to an end."

The initiative taken now is a commendable one, she added.

She said that many problems will be resolved if the national job portal is launched. This is a news of hope for the country. However, the organisation that will be given the responsibility of creating this website should be well skilled in this work and should update this website from time to time. She believes, if there's a qualified operator, it will guarantee the service.