The fifth graders of International School Dhaka (ISD) held their Primary Years Programme (PYP) Exhibition virtually for their parents, extended family members, fellow students, and the wider school community recently.

This event celebrated their learning journey under the trans disciplinary theme of How we express ourselves.

The students presented with confidence about their passion and displayed pride in their research work and wowed their peers and parents with their first-ever Virtual Exhibition by demonstrating their enthusiasm for embracing a new method of learning and working, said a press release.


The event was a culmination of the students’ experiences in the Primary Years Programme (PYP) that combines the essential elements of the PYP; knowledge, concepts, skills, attitudes, and action. The display also represents a rite of passage from the PYP to the Middle Years Programme (MYP).

The central idea that was the emphasis of this unit of inquiry was, ‘People share responsibility for the world by taking action on global and local issues.’

Students were also involved in supporting a global issue that they were personally connected to and passionate about through creative communication and art forms. This year’s focus on global issues was inspired by the UN Global Goals.

The students conducted thorough research on their subjects, made presentations, took interviews, expressed their own perspectives about the issues, took actions regarding their chosen topics even during the pandemic.

The press release said the exhibitions are leading the younger students to make impacts in both local and global communities. The students are signing up for volunteering organizations, empowering others to make changes, making other people understand the issues.

Platforms like PYP Exhibition gives students space and freedom to make decisions and conduct inquiries. It provides opportunities for the younger student to learn about both global and local issues and to come up with responsible, thoughtful, and meaningful actions.