Three technocrat ministers have stepped down from the cabinet as the authorities are preparing for the next parliamentary election within less than two months.

The prime minister’s advisors who are not elected lawmakers also resigned from their positions.

The resigning ministers are - science and technology minister Yeafesh Osman, telecommunication minister Mustafa Jabbar, and state minister for planning Shamsul Alam.

Prothom Alo contacted two of them but they refused to make any clarification.

Asked about resignation, Mustafa Jabbar advised this correspondent to approach the cabinet division with the query.

However, an influential cabinet member told Prothom Alo that he heard of the technocrat ministers’ resignation.

Mashiur Rahman, economic affairs advisor to prime minister Sheikh Hasina, said he submitted his resignation letter.

Those who are not lawmakers have been asked to step aside from the cabinet and the prime minister’s advisory council.

The current constitution contains nothing called an election-time government, but the technocrat ministers resign before a parliamentary election, as observed in the previous election in 2018.