Prothom Alo journalist featured by Thomson Foundation's 60 years anniversary 

Mosabber Hossain, the senior reporter of Prothom Alo
Thomson Foundation

Thomson Foundation, a UK-based organisation, has been working to improve the quality of journalism for the past sixty years.

Many journalists have received awards and training from the organisation since its inception. The Thomson Foundation has published a list of eight journalists whose support has had a profound impact on the sixtieth anniversary.

Mosabber Hossain, the senior reporter of Prothom Alo, has been ranked among eight journalists in the world in that list.

Eight alumni
Thomson Foundation

Sixty Years: The Story of Our Alumni, published by the Thomson Foundation, describes how the Thomson Foundation has been supporting and inspiring journalists and media organisations around the world for six decades. As part of our sixtieth anniversary, we spoke to some of our alumni. We tried to find out what impact our training has had on their lives.

Thomson Foundation says Mosabber Hossain received South Asian Inquirer Investigative Journalism Award in 2014 from the Thomson Foundation, for his investigation into alleged financial corruption in the telecom sector in Bangladesh. He joined us in London for a week's training course as part of his prize.

He currently works at Daily Prothom Alo, a popular newspaper and online portal in Bangladesh.

Thomson Foundation said, "We are experts on journalism matters providing expertise for journalists by journalists with training and digital solutions for business growth. With 60 years of experience working in nearly 100 countries, Thomson Foundation is uniquely equipped to support journalists and the interconnected business of journalism in emerging, evolving, and threatened media markets around the globe." 

"We have our finger on the pulse of journalism from the inside, creating customised training and digital solutions based on real-life newsroom experience."