'Peter Haas seeks to know why road protection withdrawn all of a sudden'

Home minister Asaduzzaman Khan talks to newsmen after meeting with US ambassador Peter Haas at the home ministry on Wednesday.Photo: Prothom Alo

Home minister Asaduzzaman Khan has said US ambassador Peter Haas has sought to know why road protection has been withdrawn all of a sudden

He said the foreign ministry apprised the embassies concerned of the matter that the system is being changed.

Asaduzzaman said this while briefing newsmen about the meeting with Peter Haas at the secretariat on Wednesday.  

The US new visa policy has been discussed at the meeting, he added.

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The home minister said the US ambassador has been apprised of the matter again (providing security with Ansar Guard Regiment). It has been ensured that there will not be any shortage of security at the diplomatic zone. Steps will be taken so that the movement of diplomats remains safe, he added.

Additional security of diplomats of four countries including the USA was withdrawn on 15 May. At that time, the government said diplomats of four countries were being provided with additional security since the attack on Hoily Artisan on 1 July 2016. Under the current law and order situation, there is no necessity of additional security.

Foreign diplomats can hire escorts at their own cost. In that case they can hire escort of Ansar battalion.

Discussion over the US visa policy

The home minister said Peter Haas sought reactions over their visa policy. At the beginning, he (Peter Haas) said the visa policy has not been issued targeting anyone, he added.

Asaduzzaman Khan said, "I have clearly said the issuance of visa is a matter of the country concerned. We have nothing to say whether they will allow entry or not. That country knows it very well. The announcement they made over the new visa policy is their personal matter."