Abdus Sobhan Miah was elected lawmaker from Madaripur-3 constituency in December 2018, with the ticket of Awami League. He was made the party’s central publication and publicity secretary in the council held on 24 December 2022. He had earlier served the party as its office secretary.

When the lawmaker was contacted over the phone to know his statement on the OCCRP report, he said, “I am now in my electorate in Madaripur. I will talk after learning the matter well on Saturday.”

The report noted that Abdus Sobhan Miah bought five condominiums, worth roughly USD 2.4 million at the time, in a Jackson Heights building featuring a concierge service, an outdoor pool, and covered parking, between 2014 and 2018. He also bought three more apartments, worth USD 680,000, in nearby co-op buildings.

New York property records show that all were purchased with cash. His wife, Gulshan Ara Miah, is also listed as an owner.

After Abdus Sobhan Miah was elected parliamentarian, he added another property in Jackson Heights -- this time, a semi-detached house worth almost USD 1.2 million -- in December 2019.

He, however, renounced his US citizenship on 15 August, 2019, according to official records, seven months after he was elected as a member of parliament.