World Health Organisation (WHO) said the coronavirus infection has seen a 47 per cent increase in Bangladesh within a week.

Health officials of the government, however, do not know the specific reasons behind this uptrend in infection.

Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) statistics show a slight increase in the number of infections. The rate of infection was 10.87 per cent from Thursday to Friday morning. Two people died of the virus at this time.

WHO reports that the Covid infection has declined worldwide in the last week. The overall infection rate has dropped by 28 per cent in the last week globally but the rate still remains high in some countries.

Bangladesh’s neighbour Myanmar has seen a 117 per cent increase in infection rate.

A section of public health experts think Covid will not end completely but the severity of the symptoms would decrease. They assume that the virus will be more like seasonal flu or influenza.

Bangladesh has registered over 2 million covid cases so far. Over 1.9 million people have recovered while 29,339 died, according to the statistics of DGHS.