Peter Haas goes on leave

US ambassador in Dhaka Peter HaasFile Photo

US Ambassador to Bangladesh, Peter Haas, is on leave, flying out of Dhaka on Thursday to Colombo on a holiday. However, it has not been ascertained if he will spend his vacation in Sri Lanka or will travel on to the United States.

The foreign ministry spokesperson Seheli Sabrin informed the media that the government was aware of Peter Haas going on leave.

Citing a standard diplomatic practice, Seheli Sabrin said the ambassadors stationed in Dhaka inform the foreign ministry through diplomatic notes when they leave their workstations. The same applies to Bangladeshi envoys stationed in different countries. They also state who will function in the place of the ambassador in his absence.

Diplomatic sources say that Peter Haas had informed the foreign ministry towards the end of last month that he would be going on leave on 15 November. He met with the foreign secretary Masud Bin Momen on 2 November in this regard, because after that the foreign secretary had been travelling to Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Switzerland.

Peter Haas reportedly informed the other foreign diplomatic missions in Dhaka about his going on vacation. He also informed them that Helen LaFave could be the acting ambassador in his absence.

Airport sources say that Peter Haas departed Dhaka for Colombo by SriLanka Airlines at 1:00 pm Thursday afternoon. ­

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