Jashimudin expresses gratitude to Prothom Alo

Jashimuddin was just another village man having no criminal records. He had a happy family- a wife and four children. His dreams shattered one day when the police arrested him for no reason.

Jashimuddin landed in jail as his name resembled the name of another accused. Prothom Alo came across the incident and published his story. Jashimuddin, who languished in jail for the police’s mistake, was released from jail after a court order following the report. He was acquitted in the case,too.

Currently an auto-rickshaw driver, Jashimuddin is back to his normal life with his family in Lohagara upazila of Chattogram.

Back in 2013, a woman named Parvin Akhter from Lohagara upazila filed a case under the Prevention of Women and Children Repression Act against her husband Jashimuddin for torturing her for dowry. Police submitted the charge-sheet of the case on 24 April 2014 naming Parvin’s husband as the accused following a court order. The court issued an arrest order against Jahsimuddin, son of Abul Kashem and husband of Parvin Akhter.

Police arrested innocent Jashimuddin mistakenly and sent him to court where court ordered him to be put in jail.

Prothom Alo published a report about Jashimuddin on 8 September 2014 as soon as this correspondent came to know about the incident.

The court acquitted Jashimuddin and ordered to release him immediately as it found what the Prothom Alo report said was true.

“My family is starving. Let me go. I am not Abul Kashem’s son,”  Jashimuddin burst into tears in the court at the time.

Jashimuddin’s joy knew no bounds when the court ordered his release.

Later, another report filed by the police sought apology for the unintentional mistake done by police.

The Prothom Alo correspondent visited Jahsimuddin’s house in Dorbeshhata of Lohagara recently.

It was a semi-brick house with a pond on one side. Jashim choked up. He said, “These are tears of joy. Had the report not been published, I would have languished in jail still now. My family, friends and neighbours would know me as the convict.”

Jashimuddin in his auto-rickshaw. Photo: ProthomAlo
Jashimuddin in his auto-rickshaw. Photo: ProthomAlo

“It is the Prothom Alo that saved me from the ill-repute. I pray for Prothom Alo. What else I can do?” Jahsimuddin added.

Jashimuddin’s wife Nasima said her husband would have remained as the convict to his children which is a matter of shame.

“Prothom Alo saved us. Otherwise my family would be devastated,” she added.

Jashim’s cousin Abul Kalam said, they were in dark when he was arrested.

“We came to know about what actually happened through Prothom Alo,” he added.

The case in which Jashimuddin was arrested mistakenly has not yet been solved. The real accused is currently on the run after being released on bail, said the plaintiff’s lawyer Abu Taher.

Asked why he did not file any case seeking compensation till now, Jashimuddin said, he did not want to think about the matter anymore.

“I am suffering from kidney and liver disease. I don’t want any new trouble,” he added.

*The report, originally published in ProthomAlo print edition, has been rewritten in English by Farjana Liakat