Truck driver was drunk: Police

Engineer on a motorbike was killed after a truck ran him over. The photo was taken from CCTV footage of Muniganj toll collection office at in Bagerhat.Collected

Police has arrested the truck driver who ran over an engineer in front of a toll collection office at Muniganj of Bagerhat.

Police said the detained Mizanur Rahman, who was drunk, was from the village Islamabad of Rampal upazila in Bagerhat.

This news was disclosed at a press conference at the office of the superintendent of police on Saturday morning.

Superintendent of police KM Ariful Haque said Mizanur is the assistant of the driver. Sadar thana police arrested Mizanur from Gaula area of Mollahat upazila of Bagerhat on Friday evening.

On 22 May 2022, employees of the toll office tried to intercept a truck with a bamboo in front of toll collection office on the east side of the bridge at Muniganj.

A number of battery-run auto rickshaws including several motorbikes were stuck due bamboo barricade. At the time another truck from Chitalmari ran over the parked vehicles and fled.

Mashiur Rahman, 42, was killed in the incident. Mashiur was an engineer of UNDP project at Bagerhat DC office.

The scene of truck running over the vehicles was caught in two CCTVs there. Later the video went viral in the social media.

Police said the truck was identified from the footage. After fleeing the incident, the driver and the truck owner changed the colour of the truck and its number plate. The truck was seized from Terokhada of Khulna. Later, police identified the driver.

There were two more in the truck during the incident, police super Ariful Haque quoted the driver as saying. The driver said he broke through the barricade fearing that he would be beaten as he was drunk while driving.

Police said they would seek remand for five days after producing him before the court. Legal action will also be taken against the owner of the truck and those who were in the truck if their names come up, police added.