In his presentation Parvez Abbasi highlighted the need for Bangladesh to pursue a policy of strategic equi-proximity and stressed on the need to understand the new geopolitics of the world. He also outlined some of the economic challenges that might potentially stem from decoupling.

He especially stressed on the need to understand the historical context in order to adequately comprehend changes that are likely to occur as a result of what is being termed as the 'new great game'.

In his remarks, President, BIPSS, Major General Muniruzzaman (retd) highlighted the importance of maintaining Bangladesh's strategic autonomy and also acting as a voice for stability in the region. He outlined some of the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead of us in the post COVID world.

The session was moderated by Shafqat Munir, Research Fellow and Head of Bangladesh Centre for Terrorism Research (BCTR).

The audience included senior officials, heads of international organisations, senior diplomats, academics, analysts and members of the media. BIPSS' numerous think tanks partners from across various regions were also represented at the webinar.

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