"The General Assembly adopted a resolution that calls out Russia's assault on Ukraine for creating a dire humanitarian situation, pushes for a humanitarian corridor, and demands that fighting stops. In favour: 140 Against: 5 Abstained: 38," the UN News tweeted.

The resolution deplores the "humanitarian consequences" of Russia's actions.

In another tweet, the UN News says, “The General Assembly decided not to vote on a draft resolution on the humanitarian situation in #Ukraine proposed by South Africa.”

Bangladesh includes 50 countries that voted in favour the draft resolution while 66 countries voted against it and 35 abstained.

Earlier, Bangladesh had abstained from voting on another resolution against Russia at UNGA on 2 March.

A total of 141 countries supported the resolution while 35 countries including Bangladesh, India and Pakistan abstained from voting. Five countries Russia, Belarus, Eritrea, North Korea and Syria voted against the resolution.

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