First summit on biologic medicines held in Dhaka

First summit on biologic medicines held in Dhaka

To raise public awareness on the uses of modern and effective biologic medicines, which can play “a game-changing role in the treatment of diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, and psoriasis,” the first “Biologic Summit” was recently held at a city hotel in Dhaka, reports news agency UNB.

The summit centred on the basic grounds of biologic medicines, elaborating on its concept and persisting challenges, and its use in Bangladesh.

The overall scenario of the medical industry has drastically transformed over the past couple of decades. From chemical compounds, it shifted to biologics and cell and gene therapy.

Due to certain challenges, the issue of the use of biologics in Bangladesh is bubbling under. However, biologics show great potential in the near future as a more targeted means of medication.

“The future will witness more and more obtaining of biologic medicines. Physicians and patients need to be more aware of its terms of usage and advantages,” Novartis Bangladesh Country President Riad Mamun Prodhani said.

“Biologic medicines lead to long-term and effective treatments, but if organisations from the financing industry and government stakeholders step in to consider the prospects seriously – I believe we can extend the benefits of this in our country,” he added.

Biologic medicines became a part of medical treatments in the 19th century across the world. The first use of biologic medicines, especially monoclonal antibodies, in Bangladesh was recorded in early 2000.