Minister, mayor suffer massive mosquito bites during lake cleaning

Minister Tajul Islam and DNCC Mayor Atiqul Islam attend a lake cleaning programme in Uttara on 20 March 2024.Courtesy

Local Government Minister Tajul Islam and Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) Mayor Atiqul Islam experienced a swarm of mosquitoes while attending a cleaning drive at a lake in a RAJUK project in Dhaka.

Apart from them, RAJUK Chairman Anisur Rahman Mia and senior officials of DNCC were present at the event.

A live video posted on the minister’s Facebook page showed all the participants, including the guests, swatting away mosquitoes with their hands, while some were itching in the bitten spots.

Later, a journalist pointed out the participants’ struggle to save themselves from mosquito bites in the programme and asked the minister if he considers mosquitoes a challenge.

Minister Tajul Islam, in response, acknowledged the severity of the mosquito menace and said, “We are all frightened over Aedes, as people suffering bites from Aedes mosquitoes die. Hence, we have been talking about this from the very beginning of the year. I want to sincerely thank the health minister as he has been cautious over the issue.”

He further said the city corporation, in collaboration with the city dwellers, will try their level best to prevent mosquitoes. Still, some may suffer from dengue, and the health ministry is there to treat them.

All mosquito breeding sites could not be addressed with repellents as there are vast swathes for breeding. “We need to be realistic. A state can never succeed if it does not collaborate with the people,” he added.

The programme was held on the bank of a lake adjacent to bridge No. 2 of RAJUK’s third project in the capital’s Uttara area.

Addressing the event, DNCC Mayor Atiqul Islam urged everyone to be responsible for eliminating mosquito breeding grounds, to carry out mass campaigns, and forging a social movement in this regard.