Jubo League leader brings firearm to disperse protesting RMG workers in city

Awlad Hossain with firearm at Pallabi on Tuesday.
Prothom Alo

A leader of Jubo League, the youth front of ruling Awami League, has been spotted with a firearm when he, along with his cohorts, was trying to disperse a group of protesting garment factory workers at Pallabi of Mirpur in Dhaka. 

He has been identified as Awlad Hossain alias Lakku, the cultural affairs secretary of the youth front’s Dhaka city (north) unit.

According to witnesses, Awlad opened fire at the protesting readymade garment (RMG) workers, but it is not clear whether any of the workers was shot in his firing.

Contacted, Awlad Hossain claimed he was not even present on the scene, rather was busy at his office during the incident

The incident took place in front of the Apollo Knitwear factory in the area at around 11:00 am on Tuesday. The agitating workers blocked the main road all-day and staged demonstrations demanding a salary hike. 

Locals said Awlad Hossain is an influential person of the area and controls the business of fabric waste, familiar as Jhut, in the textile industry. 

A group of miscreants carried out an attack on the agitating RMG workers in Mirpur.
Khaled Sarkar

Ismail Hossain, general secretary of Dhaka north Jubo League, confirmed Awlad Hossain’s designation as the cultural affairs secretary in the city committee.

However, he claimed that Awlad does not take part in any of the political programmes. “He has been rendered inactive as he is a criminal and evil soul. He harbours cadre-based politics.” 

A number of witnesses said the Jubo League leader fired several rounds of bullets during the RMG workers’ demonstration. 

Contacted, Awlad Hossain claimed he was not even present on the scene, rather was busy at his office during the incident. He, however, admitted having a firearm with due license and that he cannot bring out the weapon in public this way. 

Mahfuzur Rahman, officer-in-charge of Pallabi police station, said he is unaware of firing at the protesting RMG factory workers. He had no idea who carried out the attack on the workers.

The RMG workers began their demonstration programme at Pallabi in the morning, blocking the important city road. At one stage, a group of miscreants carried out an attack and tried to disperse them, which was ensued by chase and counter chases between the two sides.